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Premium 3 inch Floating Candles


These premium 3 inch floating candles make an elegant addition to your big event.  They are unscented and make very little residue.


Introducing the exquisite Premium 3 Inch Floating Candles by myweddinghire. A mesmerising addition to your event decor that will elevate the ambiance and create an enchanting atmosphere. These floating candles have been meticulously crafted to embody elegance, sophistication, and a touch of magic. Therefore creating a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Our Premium 3 Inch Floating Candles are designed to captivate the senses and transform any space into a captivating oasis. Made from the finest materials, these candles also offer a clean and steady burn. Creating a radiant and flickering light that dances upon the water’s surface. The 3-inch diameter allows for a long-lasting burn time. While also ensuring a beautiful display that will mesmerise throughout your event.

The floating feature of these candles adds a touch of ethereal beauty to your event. As they gracefully drift atop water-filled vessels, such as bowls, vases, or pools. They create a stunning visual spectacle that captivates the eye and creates a serene and romantic ambiance. The soft glow and gentle movement of the candles reflect off the water, casting a warm and inviting glow that enhances the overall atmosphere.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a dinner party, or a corporate event, these candles effortlessly adapt to any decor theme or style. Their timeless design and understated elegance make them a perfect match for both indoor and outdoor settings, adding a touch of sophistication and enchantment to your event.

Quality & Safety

At myweddinghire, we also prioritise quality and craftsmanship. Our Premium 3-Inch Floating Candles are meticulously made, ensuring a flawless finish and consistent performance. The high-quality materials used in their construction guarantee a clean burn with minimal smoke or residue, allowing you and your guests to fully immerse yourselves in the enchanting ambiance without any distractions.

These floating candles are also available in a range of colours to suit your preference and match your event’s colour palette. Available in classic white for a timeless look, romantic pastels for a delicate touch, or bold and vibrant hues for a dramatic effect. Our Premium 3-Inch Floating Candles allow you to create a customised and captivating display that perfectly complements your event.

Choosing our candles not only adds beauty to your event but also reflects your commitment to sustainability. These reusable candles reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of your event, aligning with myweddinghire’s values of elegance and eco-consciousness.

In conclusion, the Premium 3 Inch Floating Candles by myweddinghire are a testament to refined beauty and exceptional quality. Elevate your event with these meticulously crafted candles that create a captivating and ethereal ambiance. Trust in myweddinghire to provide you with an unparalleled experience, where every detail is thoughtfully considered. This ensures your event shines with timeless charm, sophistication, and a touch of enchantment

They are sold individually and can be used with our cylinder vases which they perfectly fit.

These candles are sold individually and can be used with our cylinder vases which they perfectly fit.

Product Specifications

Diameter 3 inches
Burn Duration 8-10hrs
Material Wax
Type Floating Candle