Battery LED Candle Hire

Welcome to myweddinghire, where we’ve got your back when it comes to battery LED candle hire! With a wide variety of battery LED candles just waiting to add that extra sparkle to your event.

Say goodbye to worries about wax drips and fire hazards. Our LED candles offer all the charm of traditional candles without any of the fuss. Plus, with their realistic flickering flames, nobody will even know the difference!

From pillar candles to tea lights, we’ve got everything you need to set the mood and create a magical atmosphere. And the best part? Our LED candles are eco-friendly and budget-friendly, so you can enjoy the a mbiance without breaking the bank or harming the planet.

So, whether you’re planning an indoor extravaganza or an outdoor soirée, let myweddinghire light up your celebration with our fabulous battery LED candles. Check out our collection today and get ready to shine!